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What is Firestop and Fireproofing?

Fire Protection compartmentalizes every room in a building from all the other rooms surrounding it, significantly reducing the danger to human life and damage to the building. The objective is to stop the passage of fire and smoke from penetrating perimeter joints and fire rated walls and floors. Firestop material is applied to walls and wall and floors after they have been installed by the General Contractor.

Fire separations are designed to control the rapid spread of flames and smoke that can harm both people and building structures. Any hole or gap provides a very dangerous route for fire and smoke to escape through.

Firestop products are designed to meet the individual specifications of each project they are installed in. This process begins with an assessment as to which type of Firestop is required to satisfy building code requirements. From this assessment, a bid can be prepared detailing the types of product and quantity required as well as the estimated labour cost. In addition, local building inspectors may require a submittal that describes how the materials will be used and copies of test designs proving the application will meet the necessary standards. This is a very important part of the process.

Fire safety can only be guaranteed if the correct product is installed in the correct manner. Quite often, sub-trades install inappropriate material in untested ways simply due to a lack of education. A Firestop contractor is very familiar the proper type of fireproofing required while other trades may not be.