Firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies. For penetrating cables, these can also be called as Multi Cable Transits (MCTs). Firestop is designed to restore the fire-resistance ratings of wall and/or floor assemblies by impeding the spread of fire by filling the openings with fire-resistant materials. Unprotected openings in fire separations cancel out the fire-resistance ratings of the fire separations, allowing the spread of fire, usually past the limits of the fire safety plan of a building.

A/T Firestop and Fireproofing Solutions Inc. was the City of Ottawa’s first specialized Firestop Application Company. A/T Firestop and Fireproofing Solutions specializes in sealing holes and joints in interior and exterior walls as well as floors in commercial, residential, and industrial construction applications. Working with the General Contractor, our applications comply with the most updated laws and regulations in the construction industry. These regulations dictate that penetrations through fire rated walls and floors must be sealed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke into adjoining areas Typical commercial and industrial applications that A/T Firestop and Fireproofing Solutions have been involved with include hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, and government buildings. See our gallery for examples.

Company Owner/Manager Victor Wootton Sr. and his staff are dedicated to providing professional quality service at a competitive price. They are also committed to completing projects in a safe and timely manner.

A/T Firestop and Fireproofing Solutions service the Ottawa area as well as the rest of Canada, and the Caribbean. For a competitive quote or more information, please go to our contact us page.